Abdulrahman al-Anesi

Is a Yemeni novelist, short-story writer and essayist. Was born in 1993 in Al Mahwit Governorate, currently living in Turkey.

He has published two novels; Dumue Muqaddasa (Holy Tears)  and Nadenka which published by Anaween Books in Egypt. He has also a collection of short stories entitled “The First short stories Collection” that has been published online.

Abdulrahman al-Anesi also writes in many Arab newspapers and magazines. The writer studied English for a year at Sana’a University, where he got acquainted with English literature, but he left the university after receiving a scholarship abroad.

Abdulrahman al-Anesi won two scholarships, one to Turkey and the other to Bulgaria. He also won two literary prizes presented to him by the Yemeni Students Union in Konya.

al-Anesi believes that writing and discussing thoughts are one of human rights, and no person or entity has the right to prevent them, regardless of the type of these thoughts.